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What We Do

The Legacy League’s mission is to unite our Elite Dream Team of Coaches with the clients we serve in a high-level, high-performance, high-impact, behind the gates, private community growth experience, where we all support one another as we go and grow towards leading (not just leaving) our legacy.

We're here to connect, collaborate, inspire, and learn together, alongside like-minded individuals. Our goal is to empower you to stay consistently going and growing on your flight path to legacy, so that you can play your biggest impact game and so that we collectively can align, join forces and change the way the game of life, leadership and business is being played forever!


Why Join Legacy League

Valuable Resources

Help you gain the resources and education to close the gap between where you currently are stuck and where you desire to be living and leading in the future.


Help you enjoy the flight path to legacy by making it a team sport (growth after all, is a team sport).



Connect you with other like-minded high-performers who can offer you the support you need and celebrate your progress along the way.


Hold you accountable to the consistency required to play your biggest impact game.



Empower you to make aligned, high-impact decisions.



Inspire you to take massive action in leading (not just leaving) your legacy.


How to Join The Legacy League

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