Legacy Leadership 2.0

Designed for organizations and individuals who want to further their leadership skills and create their biggest impact.

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Envision. Execute. Elevate.

Collaborate with other Leadership 2.0 Ambassadors during this 12 month program to who will lead the charge out in the world on our mission to change the way the game of life and business is being played forever with human-centric, heart-centric, new-school leadership.

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This program is for you if...

  • You believe that heart-centric, human-centric leadership is the only way forward
  • Are ready to step up and out in the world and play your biggest impact game.
  • Are ready to step into your legacy shoes and make every leadership touchpoint count towards your powerful, positive ripple effect in this world.
  • Are ready to take a stand and help lead the charge into the future of leadership.
  • Are ready to help shape the collective consciousness.
  • Are passionate about human-centric leadership.
  • Envision a world where we all support one another in playing our biggest impact game.
  • Are ready to make leadership 2.0 a part of your legacy.
  • Are ready to change history shoulder to shoulder with fellow Leadership 2.0 Ambassadors.

Our program will help you...

  • Make this part of your life’s greatest acts of service, contributions or meaningful impacts.
  • See the opportunity to make leadership practices in life and business more humane, sustainable, empowering and psychologically safe.
  • Experience a sense of fulfillment when you positively impact others.
  • Learn how to practice leadership 2.0 in your business and your life.
  • Teach others how to lead in a more human-centric, heart-centric way.
  • Collaborate, innovate, and curate your very own leadership 2.0 playbook full of the latest and greatest leadership 2.0 strategies.
  • Create the ripple effect of Leadership 2.0 in your organization.

"My experience working with the Elite coaches has changed my life.ย  I have been able to understand myself better and change my beliefs to better align my purpose, mission and happiness.ย  I am better mom, wife, freind, leader because of all mindset work and strategies I have been able to work through."

- Tracey Allen
Vice President of IT Procurement

Step Into Your Legacy

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