Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) Leader 2.0

Designed forĀ teams within organizations toĀ focus on applying emotional intelligence leadership 2.0 and high-performance mindset strategies.

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Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) Leader 2.0

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The Emotionally Intelligent Leader 2.0 program is anĀ 8 week online training program with on-demand modules, private coaching and group coaching sessions thatĀ focuses on applying emotional intelligence leadership 2.0 and high-performance mindset strategies to teams within organizations.

LeadersĀ will develop implementation and application strategies within their teams by focusing on positively impacting others with emotionally intelligent leadership 2.0 mindset strategies and applying the learnings to make business impacts in real-time.

This program is for you if...

  • Members of the organization feel overwhelmed and controlled by a wide range of negative emotions, including anger, shame, worry, disappointment, fear, or guilt. 
  • The organization lacks perception that is empowering, often including employees feeling under-appreciated or powerless. 
  • You feel that employees or leaders are incapable of keeping negative emotions inwards, leading to outbursts or impulsive decisions making. 
  • Communication is lacking, employees and leaders have a difficulty expressing themselves and leads to misunderstandings.
Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) Leader 2.0 program
Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) Leader 2.0

Our program will help you...

  • Increased job satisfaction for employees and members of an organization.
  • Increase in teamwork, employees and leaders with a higher EQ naturally work better in teams.
  • Healthier workplace environment that leads to career fulfillment.
  • Easier adaptability, employees and leaders are able to overcome adversity as a team.
  • Greater self control amongst members.
  • The company builds a competitive advantage. 

"My experience working with the Elite coaches has changed my life.Ā  I have been able to understand myself better and change my beliefs to better align my purpose, mission and happiness.Ā  I am better mom, wife, freind, leader because of all mindset work and strategies I have been able to work through."

- Tracey Allen
Vice President of IT Procurement

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