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Designed for athletes to harness the power of their mindset to improve focus, motivation, confidence, and step into their peak performance state.

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Welcome to The Mental Gym

We all know that 90% of sport is mental, yet too many athletes spend time only training their physical body. If you don’t master your mindset, you’re leaving the majority of your performance and growth up to chance.

It’s mental performance that separates good athletes from great ones, and amateur athletes from professional ones.

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This coaching is for your team if...

  • Your team works hard in practice and the weight room, but are frustrated with their results.
  • They aren't developing as fast as they would like.
  • They get hung up on mistakes, coaching decisions or choke under pressure.
  • They are looking for a way to build and sustain high levels of motivation.
  • Your athletes lack the confidence and mental toughness needed for performance.
  • They want a proven process to break out of their limitations and master the mental game.
  • They refuse to accept being average and are looking for that competitive edge that will help them become elite.

Your Athletes Will...

  • Develop a sense of self-awareness in their performance.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset that will help them see mistakes as opportunities for growth.
  • Learn the power of their emotions and how to manage them, to gain, maintain and regain peak performance levels.
  • Learn how to harness their focus, motivation, and confidence.
  • Get access to video content delivered by our mental performance expert coaches.
  • Receive a mental toolbox complete with workbooks, tools, and mental strategies.
  • Get exclusive access to our athlete community.
  • Have lifetime access to all content and updates.
  • Get a 20% discount for all 1:1 coaching packages with our any of our athlete coaches.
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"Since joining the Brain Training for Athletes Program I have noticed the impact it has made on me as an individual and a player. I have learned to speak about my experiences and find ways to work with the struggles. Coach Lauren has taught me skills and lessons that will not only help me improve my game but, I will use these strategies in my everyday life."

Lara Beecher

Meet the Coaches

Lauren Williams

High-Performance Coach, NCAA Assistant Coach, Former Professional & NCAA Hockey Player, B.A., M.Ed.

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This program will help your athletes...

Build Confidence

Develop habits and acquire tools that will help you build and maintain high levels of confidence, allowing you to trust your abilities and step up when it matters most both in sport and life.

Master Motivation

Our coaching will help you stay focused on the process and what you can control, allow you to stay motivated, enjoy the grind and accelerate your improvement.

Accelerate Their Growth

Leave no chips on the table by developing high levels of self-awareness and acquire tools that will allow you to collect and utilize feedback from every performance.

Develop Consistency

Those who fly by the seat of their pants leave their performance up to chance. Consistently performing at a high level requires your ability to execute a structured plan. We’ll teach you how to tie all of the tools together and develop routines that allow you to access a peak state

Develop an Elite Mindset

Cultivate an elite growth mindset that will help you see setbacks and mistakes as opportunities for growth. As you learn to grow and train your mindset, you will finally be able to blast challenges and mental barriers that have held you back and realize your potential.

Control Their Emotions

Tap into the power of your state and learn how to catch yourself when you experience performance anxiety or self-doubt before you slip. Develop the belief systems and emotional intelligence you need to get into peak state and stay in the zone.

"Working with Taylor on mindset training has really benefited my game by helping me set and achieve my goals, as well learn the importance of mental state and how it affects my performance on the ice. With goal setting I now view my success in games and practices in new and more self-supportive ways. It doesn’t matter how much you already know about mindset training because in conversation Taylor will uncover something new for you to work on."

Sawyer Depew

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Are you ready to double down on your growth in 2024, so that you can level up and play your biggest game? Would you like to feel more motivated, confident and focused? Are you ready to take ownership for your results and realize your highest potential in 2024?

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  • Access to one module of the Brain Training for Athletes Program.
  • Exclusive access to our athlete community.
  • One group coaching session.
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  • Complete access to the Brain Training for Athletes Program.
  • Exclusive access to our athlete community.
  • Three group coaching sessions.
  • Discounted pricing options for athletes that wish to continue individual coaching.
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  • Complete access to the Brain Training for Athletes Program.
  • Exclusive access to our athlete community.
  • Five group coaching sessions.
  • Weekly journal prompts for athletes.
  • Discounted pricing options for athletes that wish to continue individual coaching.
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Bonus: Discounted 1:1 Coaching Sessions

20% discount

As a special bonus to our Team Coaching package, your athletes will receive a 20% discount on coaching sessions with any of our athlete coaches to provide specialized support.

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Give your athletes the opportunity to put their performance in their own hands.

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