Brain Training for Athletes

Designed for athletes to harness the power of their mindset to improve focus, motivation, confidence, and step into their peak performance state.

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We all know that 90% of sport is mental, yet too many athletes spend time only training their physical body. If you don’t master your mindset, you’re leaving the majority of your performance and growth up to chance.

It’s mental performance that separates good athletes from great ones, and amateur athletes from professional ones.

This program is for you if...

  • You’re an athlete who’s working hard in practice and in the weight room, but are frustrated with your consistency and aren’t developing as fast as you like.
  • You find yourself getting hung up on mistakes, coaching decisions or choking under pressure.
  • You’re looking for a way to build and sustain high levels of motivation so that you can be in the zone when it matters most.
  • You fall short of your potential because you lack the confidence or mental toughness you need.
  • You’re looking for a proven process to break out of your limitations and master the mental game.
  • You’re an athlete who refuses to accept being average, and are looking for that competitive edge that will help you become elite.

Our program will...

  • Help you develop a sense of self-awareness in your performance.
  • Allow you to cultivate a growth mindset that will help you see mistakes as opportunities for growth.
  • Teach you the power of your emotions, how to manage them, and how to gain, maintain and regain peak performance levels.
  • Enable you to harness your focus, motivation, and confidence for peak performance.
  • Give you access to video content delivered by our mental performance expert coaches.
  • Provide a mental toolbox complete with workbooks, tools, and mental strategies.
  • Give you exclusive access to our athlete community.
  • Get you lifetime access to all content and updates.

What Athletes Are Saying

"Since joining the Brain Training for Athletes Program I have noticed the impact it has made on me as an individual and a player. I have learned to speak about my experiences and find ways to work with the struggles. Coach Lauren has taught me skills and lessons that will not only help me improve my game but, I will use these strategies in my everyday life."

- Lara Beecher

"Working with Taylor on mindset training has really benefited my game by helping me set and achieve my goals, as well learn the importance of mental state and how it affects my performance on the ice. With goal setting I now view my success in games and practices in new and more self-supportive ways. It doesn’t matter how much you already know about mindset training because in conversation Taylor will uncover something new for you to work on."

- Sawyer Depew

"Lauren worked with our daughter to help navigate the difficult mind games that elite youth hockey presents. She is patient, instills confidence and speaks not only from experience, but from the mindset you can do anything when you focus appropriately. Lauren helped turn a challenging season into one of continued growth and development both on the ice and off."

- Team Snyder

"I have met with Lauren many times over the course of this academic year. She has been a nice listening ear and has given me strategies I can work on to help with my anxiety. She is someone who is helpful in understanding where student athletes, including myself, are coming from and helping us work through our struggles. I feel like she truly listened to me and helped me work through things”

- Melissa W, NCAA D1 Basketball

"It was a privilege to have Taylor as my mental coach throughout my participation in the Brain Training for Athletes program. With an injury that had impaired my athletic performance, I was initially grappling with a mental blockage, which Taylor adeptly helped me overcome with their expertise in mental training. Their unwavering support and guidance bolstered my confidence, helping me to achieve a state of heightened focus and performance. I wholeheartedly recommend Taylor to those seeking a sophisticated, erudite, and results-oriented mental coach.”

- Alicia Williams, Professional Hockey Player

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